Post crossing 2



Post crossing 1



SSS 0.1.2

  Stage 2 is building now and I'm fixed some system bugs. Recently I have to do something very important to me, therefore I have not much time on this project.

SSS 0.1.1 demo

    I think It's time to start working on stage2. Stage1's boss still need some polish but it's ok right now. There are some bugs I didn't fix yet, the question is I have not much time so I have to decide which first to do.


SSS Stage1 part8

  Still working on, slowly but steadily.

    Stage1boss defeated explosion.

SSS Stage1 part7

    I'm a little busy this week so I didn't have much time on this project. I only changed enemy bullets function and added a boss behavior. There are some minor flaws, not easy to fix, I will do what I can and I have to modify the game difficulty if I want to release new version demo. 

  Normal charged shot now it consumes 1/4 energy per-shot. More powerful cost more bullets.