SSS Stage1 part2

More bullets~~
Stage 1( under construction).

Normal bullets lv 1.  1 bullet/shot.

Normal bullets lv 2.  2 bullets/shot.

 Normal bullets lv 3.  3 bullets/shot.

Normal bullets lv 4.  4 bullets/shot

Normal bullets lv 5.  5 bullets/shot

Normal bullets charged shot.

Laser beams lv 1.  One straight laser.

Laser beams lv 2. Two straight lasers.

Laser beams lv 3. One straight laser, one tracing laser.

Laser beams lv 4. Two tracing lasers.

Laser beams lv 5. Z-type lasers, tracing lasers change directions when hit enemy.

Laser beams lv 5.

Laser beams charged shot.

- Added charged shot effects and sounds.
- Added voltage sizzle effect.
- Added laser beams and laser charged shot.
- Added bullets type pictures.
- Changed effects: bullets hit.
- Changed laser beams behavior.
- Fixed weapons switch function.
- Fixed weapons lv up and ammo consumed functions.