SSS System update

    This update I added a new element and fixed a few bugs and flaws. I found if the system have too many for-each functions it will cause system to run slow and fps drop down.
   Stage1's almost finished, but boss fight I didn't working on this part yet.

Ammo box "L" is for laser weapon.

Enemies' V formation. Red ship is an special enemy, it will drop ammo box.
UI glass cracked image, it will appear when you get hit.

Ammo box "N" is for normal weapon.

Enemy ships changed angle.

Stage 1 banner and scores.

More pictures.

 Boss fight !

- Added eatable ammo box.
- Added hud glass cracked effect. 
- Added stage 1 boss, but not fully functional.
- Added special enemies will drop ammo box.
- Changed ammo box images.
- Changed sounds/musics loading functions.
- Fixed enemies create bug.
- Fixed for-each functions reduced, enhance performance.
- Fixed enemies angle adjust too fast.
- Fixed no enemies on screen, tracing laser won't go straight.
- Fixed windowed/fullscreen switch.
- Fixed some minor flaws.