SSS Stage1 part6

    Stage1 almost finished, just one more step. Fixed some bugs, it's really annoying when you find a bug you don't know where it came from. Boss behavior still under construct, I want to make it a bit more challenging.

    More data in pause menu, such as total bullets fired, how many times you died.

    Boss fight phase1.

    Boss getting hurt.

    Game over, where you can continue or quit to title.

- Added boss1 different body parts.
- Added boss damaged flash effects.
- Added game over/continue menu. 
- Added extra data panel in pause menu. 
- Changed boss hp will grow from zero to full when enter boss fight.
- Changed stage1 boss bullets.
- Changed image text reduced.
- Fixed boss1 collision range.
- Fixed player death and respawn functions.
- Fixed game over player can still enter pause menu.
- Fixed sound setting doesn't apply to stage1.
- Fixed title music/sound volume won't change when restart game. 
- Fixed before boss hp full charged it won't get hurt.