SSS Stage1 part4

    Oh,I finally fixed the bug in the enemy bullets function. I didn't notice it until I put two enemies of the same type on the screen. Only one enemy would fire circle bullets, the other one just standing there and watch his friend shooting.
    Level design is not so easy, I'm still working on it.

Enemy formations.

Circle bullets type 1.

Now two enemies can shoot simultaneously.

This is the moment the circle bullets created.

Boss fight warning, and new background.

- Added enemy circle bullets different types of angles.
- Changed background pictures, using power of 2 images.
- Changed background moving speed more fast.
- Fixed enemy bullets function, now 1 enemy can shoot two or more bullet types.
- Fixed boss warning sign won't destroyed when quit to menu.
- Fixed enemy shoot circle bullets won't stop.
- Fixed enemies create function, sometimes it won't create a ship.